Hot Air Balloon Ride in Florence

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Florence, is known worldwide as the birthplace of Reinassance. By over flying the city of Florence, you cane se the magnificent architecture from up above, and this gives you the possibility to discover every detail of the city from a whole new prospective.

DISCLAIMER: The balloon flight over Florence requires particularly favorable wind conditions that allow you to leave the city. We can guarantee the flight only after careful checks of the weather conditions based on the most recent weather bulletin.


  • Flights take place only once a day at dawn to take advantage of the ideal wind currents.
  • The exact flight time will be communicated to you on the ticket based on the chosen seasonal period.
  • We ask passengers to be punctual at the time indicated on their ticket.
  • The entire experiences taken about 3 hours.
  • The booking confirmation is immediate
  • The final confirmation of your flight is always communicated the previous day by 18:00.
  • The flight can be canceled in case of: rain, strong wind, gusty wind, fog and thunderstorm.
  • Children can only fly if they are over 100cm tall.
  • It is forbidden to go on board with stiletto heels or open shoes.
  • During the flight it will not be cold, we recommend clothing suitable for the current season.
  • Animals are NOT allowed.
  • The activity is allowed to people of all ages who havethe requirements indicated in the next point.
  • Activities NOT allowed to: women from the third month of pregnancy, people with heart problems, pacemaker wearers and people who have undergone recent joint operations.



Before booking, please check the availabilty in the link below.

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